Project Management Online Training Course

Module I – The Bigger Picture

The bigger picture module will give you a broad insight to the language services industry.

You’ll get a comprehensive industry overview and learn about its trends and stakeholders. You will find out about what kinds of language service providers and companies there are, what sectors they operate in, what services they offer, and what technology is used industry-wide. You will also get an insight into what language services look like from a buyer’s perspective.

This module contains six lessons, and lays the foundation for your understanding of how the language services industry works. This is an excellent starting point for you to start developing your understanding and skills in project management.


  • Industry
  • Clients
  • Collaboration
  • Services
  • Technology
  • Localisation from the buyer perspective

Module II – The Language Service Provider

Language Service Providers (LSPs) are companies providing expert solutions to match their clients’ language service needs.
This LSP module will introduce you to the inner workings of a language service company. You will discover different company structures and learn about key functions at an LSP. You will also get an insight into financial management, sustainability and ISO certification.

This module contains six lessons, showing you with the ins and outs of an LSP. This will allow you to further develop and deepen your  language services industry knowledge and hone your proficiency as a future project manager.


  • Key functions: Sales, PM (Project management?) & VM (Vendor management?)
  • Key functions: Technology, Account Management and Quality control
  • P&L (Profit and loss?)
  • Sustainability (governance, ethics, human rights, financially)
  • Vertical specialisation and Structures of LSPs
  • ISO certification

Module III – Project Management

Project managers are the backbone of an LSP, and their job is to ensure that every project is managed well from start to finish.

This project management module will uncover the skills and tools you will need as project manager in the language services industry, while addressing the key characteristics that an efficient project manager needs.

This module contains ten lessons of training at a professional level. It will give you a deep insight into all aspects of project management, from communication to customer service, and technology to finances. This module will allow you to advance the skills and knowledge you have acquired in the previous modules while complementing your skillset with detailed competencies and techniques that are in a high demand for a project manager in the language services industry.


  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Interpretation
  • Pricing
  • Production manager/Operations manager/Solutions architect
  • Skills and competencies
  • Stress, priorities, time management
  • Targets, KPIs, accountability, workload tracking, results
  • Role and tasks of PMs
  • Tech Tools