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Pro PM Training & Certification

A great language services project manager understands the industry and the bigger picture, and identifies how their role sits within the company’s operations. They know their stuff as a language service pro!

Pro PM Training & Certification is brought to you by ELIA, the European Language Industry Association and the ATC, the UK’s Association of Translation Companies.

50+ hours of material

Professional content from 22 industry experts

Videos, practice tasks and quizzes

Easy-going, online learning


Upskill, stand out and become a pro.

The PM Training Course will:

– Give you the knowledge and skills a great project manager needs!

– Make you stand out from the crowd.

– Kickstart your career by becoming a language service pro.


Find the potential, let us prepare them.

The PM Training Course will:

– Train your recruits in language services project management.

– Save you time and effort.

– Give you job-ready PMs who understand the bigger picture.


Boost student skillset and collaborate.

The PM Training Course will:

– Introduce your students to the language services industry and opportunities within it.

– Expand your students’ industry skills.

– Increase your students’ employability.

The PM Training Course

The PM Training Course

ATC ELIA PM Training is a foundation-level, on-demand eLearning course that digs deeper.

The course gives project managers a comprehensive understanding of the language services industry, the companies operating in it, and the role of the project manager.

  • The Bigger Picture: comprehensive industry overview, trends and stakeholders
  • The LSP: inner workings of a language service company and its functions
  • Project Management: skills, tools and tasks a Pro PM requires

90-day access to online lessons, videos, practice tasks and quizzes.

At your own pace. Available anywhere, anytime.

The Certification Exam

The ATC ELIA PM Training Course gives project managers the skills and knowledge they need to become exceptional project managers. The Certification Exam gives you the badge to prove it.

Show your or your team’s skills, knowledge and competence to your professional network.

Become an ATC ELIA Certified PM.

The Certification Exam